Camp Courageous Paperwork System  

Welcome to the online forms for campers scheduled to attend Camp Courageous. Only campers currently scheduled can access this system. You should have been notified about your schedule date and provided your USER ID# and PASSWORD in the information sent to you. If you are missing this information then please contact program staff at

Camp Courageous is an
These substances are not allowed at any camp-sponsored events
or during camper trips.

User name will be the campers USER ID#
Password will be the camper's BIRTHDATE

(use slashes or dashes between the MM-DD-YYYY)


Camper's USER ID can be found in the notification email or letter sent to you about the date scheduled for the camper. Please double-check your user ID number and birthdate if you are having login issues. Besure to use slashes or dashes between the month, day, and year.

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What if I don't have a user ID?

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