Camp Courageous Paperwork System  

Here are some answers to common problems using the online registration process:

I can't log in to my camp's application. What is wrong?

There could be several different issues that can cause login problems:

  1. Make sure that the "Name" or "User Name" field is the camper's ID number. Do NOT use the camper's actual name.
  2. The "Password" is the camper's birthdate. Make sure to use a slash or dash to seperate the month, day, and year numbers when entering the birth date in the password. Use the format: MM/DD/YYYY
  3. It is possible that the camper's birth date was entered incorrectly when created by camp staff. If you've tried unsuccessfully to log in then see below on how to contact the camp for assistance.

Where do I get my camper's USER ID?

Your camper's user ID should have been sent to you in a confirmation letter or e-mail stating that your camper was scheduled for camp in the upcoming season. If you did not get a confirmation letter then you will need to contact the camp about your registration status.

Contact the camp by phone at 319-465-5916 (or send e-mail). For week-long camps contact Stephen Fasnacht at ext. 2310. For trips contact the travel director at ext. 2330. For Respite Care Weekends contact Shannon Poe at ext. 2320.

Note: only campers that are scheduled for the upcoming camping season will be able to log in to the online application area.

Why are parts of my application already filled out?

Computerization of camper records started in the 2004 camping season. If an application has been submitted since the 2004 season then it has been entered into the database. A copy is made of your last application so that you can simply update the information that has changed.

Be sure to carefully review all fields and make all necessary changes so that camp may provide the best possible care for your camper.

Will I still get a paper copy of my application?

No. The online appliation replaces the printed version and will save you time and postage. It will also save the camp time, paper, and postage during the busy registration process.

Where do I get the physical form that I take to my doctor?

A link will be available to you to download an Adobe PDF file that will contain your camper's physical form. Clicking on this link will start the download process. Open the document with the Adobe Reader software and print it out on your printer.

If you do not have the Adobe Reader software then you can download it (for free!) by going to the Adobe Reader Download page.

HELP!! My question was not answered. Who do I contact?

For technical help with your online application you can conact Matt Bollwitt. Set office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM. (E-mail is often monitored throughout the evening as well.)

Please be sure to include as much detail as you can about the problem you are having (i.e., web page you are on, section number, Windows/Mac, browser being used...). There are many parts to this process and specific information can help to find solutions. Contact Matt in one of the following ways:
Need help? Contact Matt Bollwitt for technical support at 319-465-5916, ext. 2110, or:
AOL/iChat (matthewbollwitt
Yahoo! Messenger (mlboll):
Skype me! (mlboll):

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